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Who are we? — Why us?

Your staff work with a lot of foreign tourists daily? And you want them to speak in more than just English?

Do you want your employees to improve their conversational skills as quickly as possible and increase guests loyalty and retention?

SpeakLab is here to solve all those issues effectively.
We organize language related events and online classes for over 3 years. We operate in three countries and collaborate with companies through all over the world.


Our team of native speakers, linguists and professional teachers helped thousands of people improve their speaking skills through a regular language practice. Our communicative method has been tested and confirmed by over 8000 students.


We create corporate community for you that increases work efficiency and employee interest . This approach helps to form a close-knit team within the company. Consider it as a cost-effective, interesting, and useful team building activity for your staff.


It's cheaper than hiring a teacher or paying for a language course. We always provide a ton of interesting activities to make the classes enjoyable. At the moment, we’re running classes in 8 languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.


Your staff can parctice language whenever and wherever they want. They can just open the app, choose classes they are interested and be flexible with time. There is no homework, no limits and no fixed work hours.

Our clients about us

I can now provide my clients with an extra five languages at a cost far lower than I was able to offer, safe in the knowledge that the lessons are highly stimulating and professional. Edward Parker
SpeakLab is a good way to practice a language in a company of like-minded people. For me it’s a great opportunity to practice Russian Léa Denimal
I'm so glad I came across your classes. There is hospitality, a good atmosphere, cool games, and interesting topics in this great company. "I adore the classes.” Anastasia Downs


Unlimited language practice (8 languages) for $20 per month per person!


Step #1: We will test the language level for free and give recommendations.


Step #2: To join a class your employees have just to choose an event in our app and register. We run weekly classes in English, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, and Chinese.

Subscription Price


Unlimited classes during one month in English, Japanese, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Chinese.

Private lessons

$30/1 hour

Time is agreed with a teacher. English, Serbian, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.


ALBINA: professional, certified english teacher, studied at the: international House Bristol, State University (translating in a professional field), the Moscow Academy of Professional Competencies, CELT Athens (ELS certification), Cambridge University

ANYA: bi-lingual, bi-cultural Translator and Film Nerd. Anya studied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. She has worked as an Interpreter, a Strategy Consultant and now puts her love of language to use translating films, books and scripts

ISRAEL: professional, certified spanish teacher (FPELE certicifation), native Spanish speaker, studied at the Pedagogia Universidad de Guadalajara as spanish teacher for foreigners. Israel has worked in school and as a private tutor for 6 years

ANTON: professional linguist, translator/interpreter (PhD in linguistics), native speaker. Anton has a vast experience in teaching (over 5 years of teaching experience) and hosting language speaking events

BERTRAND: a native English speaker, who has studied English Literature and English language and a Fashion degree at university. He has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and for The Telegraph newspaper

EMIL: professional teacher, german native speaker. He speaks German, English, Russian, and Serbian. He is such an energetic conversationalist that you won't even notice how fast you can start speaking German with him

SpeakLab App

SpeakLab App is the only app you’ll need to test language level, practice languages with native speakers, look for classes and communicate with other learners. All in one place!

SpeakLab app on iPhone

It is not a platform, where you pay to do pointless exercises and learn random words that you will hardly ever use. The app is the easiest way to start speaking a language.


The classes are provide online. We propose cutting edge technology and communicative technique


Only personalized approach. Integrated AI recommendation system suggests classes and events regarding the level and interests

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